Another Round-up

Rachel Getting Married

Occasionally I like to watch something worthy, a film that could conceivably win high profile awards and one that critics rate. It keeps me from watching only films that are unlikely to come up in polite conversation.

This time around I decided on Rachel Getting Married. I hadn’t heard too much about it except for the fact that Anne Hathaway’s performance was being lauded and that she was now surely on the fast track to serious roles. It’s safe to say that her performance is stellar, a far cry from chick flicks and ropey comedies.

In keeping with my receptiveness to emotion in fiction as I get older, I found myself becoming a bit dry in the throat a couple of times, though nothing that seriously threatened to spill over. It’s safe to say that this isn’t a feel-good film as it revolves around a recovering alcoholic returning home for her sister’s wedding. Confessions, recriminations and awkward moments for non-family members abound.

Well worth a watch, but not if you’re looking for an evening’s light entertainment.

Pan’s Labyrinth

My first disc from LoveFilm and I was really hoping to enjoy it more. I’m not sure I’ve got much more to say than that. It’s a decent fantasy film with a good cast but it just wasn’t all that memorable. There was definitely a bit of an “yeah, and?” feeling at the end, though this might have been because I ended up watching it in two sittings.

I’ll end up buying this at some point when I see it for a couple of quid in Fopp, I just know I will.