Two For The Count

Bedazzled – The original, not the Harold Ramis remake. It’s a great premise and has some cracking lines in it but I came away feeling a bit disappointed by this classic comedy. Maybe it’s just that the pace of comedy has changed too much or, more likely, I was expecting something slightly different. Still, I’m more likely to revisit this than the two Derek & Clive albums I own. I’m not sure I’ve listened to them since I bought them a couple of years back at HMV.

A Complete History of my Sexual Failures – I laughed so hard I was probably disturbing the neighbours. As with most documentaries I watch I found myself questioning its authenticity. In particular, the Viagra sequence towards the end felt like slapstick and I would question that anyone would do something like that. The fact that the police didn’t pick up the film crew as well makes me wonder.

That said, if we’re to take what’s on screen as gospel then it is conceivable that the director would do that. He flip-flops between bravado to wallowing self pity and seems genuinely uncomfortable once he starts getting into the same rooms with his ex-girlfriends. The swagger is normally back post-interview, but his running commentary suggests more than a small amount of self delusion. I think this is more to blame for the saccharine ending, possibly he clutched to a glimmer of hope and for all we know the relationship lasted a week.

Whatever the truth, I’d definitely recommend a watch.