No Shame

My movie habit is as voracious as ever. Since NoShame folded a couple of years ago I’ve been meaning to pick up as much of their output as I could before it all disappeared. I’d been very lazy in doing so as most of them still seemed to be in stock at various outlets. Then they disappeared. DVDPacific has only two titles left to be listed and other retailers have squat.

Even the long memory of the internet is starting to forget. There’s not a lot out there about a company that had a reasonably run of at least 26 releases. There’s a MySpace page for the head honcho but she hasn’t logged in for a few months.

Of those 26 I’d only bought the Miraglia boxed set before this week. Thanks to eBay, I have copies of The Case of the Scorpion’s Tale and Luciano Ercoli set on their way to me. Sadly, some of the discs are already demanding silly money so it’s doubtful I’ll be picking up either The Strange Vice Of Mrs. Wardh or Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key, instead I’ll just hope that some other company picks up the license.

On the viewing front I sat down to the French adaptation of Harlen Coben’s Tell No One the other night. Like High Fidelity, this film proves that uprooting a story and moving it several thousand miles makes no difference to the telling. The film barrels along at the same pace as the book but suffers slightly from the lack of first person narrative which Coben routinely employs. The creepy killer characters he enjoys naturally don’t get as much breathing room in a two hour movie but that’s to be expected.

A quick check of IMDB tells me that the director also acted in Rivals last year, a film which I was very annoyed to has missed at the Filmhouse. I can feel another round of digging into foreign cinema coming on.