The clue’s in the name

I provided the DVDs for Zombie Night at the Brass Monkey last week. The suggestion I’d made, and that was gleefully accepted, was for a giallo night so the chances of there being any zombies involved was very low. Probably a good thing as there are a finite number of zombie movies people haven’t seen before and that are worth watching.

Pat and Nick had originally toyed with the idea of showing two Argento flicks but I suggested that that might backfire in that people tend to love or hate the maestro and it was likely that people would have seen them before. So we compromised on showing Argento’s Opera and it would be preceded by Andrea Bianchi’s classic piece of exploitation Strip Nude For Your Killer.

I had a decent memory of what was involved with Opera and new it was a fairly safe bet but I hadn’t watched SNFYK in over three years. I’d forgotten just how much full frontal nudity there is in it from the start, which is a stupid thing to forget given the title. I felt slightly uncomfortable to begin with until the laughter started and everyone gave outward signs they were enjoying the film.

All in all, it’s a better than average giallo even if it could do with being trimmed by about ten minutes. There aren’t too many classic lines of dialogue in it (except for the final lines) but it does feature the brilliance of a killer clad in motorcycle gear who drives a car, the funniest scene you could ever hope to see involving a morbidly obese man in his pants blowing up a sex doll, Edwige Fenech and one of the best “Were they in the film at all?” reveals at the end.

Next month is to be “Mexican Doll vs Ape Blood Burrito Gore Night” which sounds interesting to say the least. Can’t wait to see what it actually means.