Movie Roundup

I really don’t want to keep posting round-ups of movies I’ve wathced but if I want to keep track for the end of the year then it’ll almost certainly be a regular occurence.

Since I last recorded a viewing, there have been four new ones.

Cold Prey

I think this marks the first time I’ve watched a Norwegian film, nevermind a Norwegian slasher flick. The plot is straightforward to the point of banal; group of pretty young things get stranded in the wilderness (snow, funnily enough) and take shelter in what appears to be an abandoned hotel. It’s not, they start getting bumped off.

The film is enjoyable enough but it’s just too damn average. It would be easy to say it’s a cut above the rest and the script is good and the acting from two of the leads is excellent but there’s nothing new on offer here at all. The characters are also of the clueless variety that populated films before the invention of irony. Word of advice; when you find a hidden room in an abandoned hotel that has a lit gaslight then you are not alone.

Still, for £3 it’s a bargain. There’s a sequel out in Norway this year and I’ll probably end up ordering the DVD before too long. I would definitely say that Ingrid Bolsø Berdal and Rolf Kristian Larsen are worth keeping an eye on. They both appear in De Galus Hus so I’ll add it to my Norwegian DVD order.

Das Experiment

A film I’ve been meaning to watch since it came out and it didn’t disappoint (apart from the god-awful soundtrack at the beginning). Sterling performances from all involved make this a must watch in my book. The director went on to make Downfall which, again, I’ve been meaning to watch for a while now. Hopefully it’ll pop up in Fopp before too long.

Leading man Moritz Bleibtreu is apparently also in The Baader Meinhof Complex which I will not be leaving so long to watch.

Eagle vs Shark

Probably a film that is gushed over by critics and film fans alike with words such as “quirky” or, if you’re American, “kooky”. It’s certainly very funny, but I can’t see it getting many repeated viewings by me. Loved the animated sections throughout though and it’s got a cracking indie soundtrack.


I don’t understand why Matt Dillon isn’t more lauded than he is, perhaps he likes to just pick and choose his films without making the move to superstardom. But then, it’s not as if his choices are always all that great.

Anyway, this is the film of Charles Bukowski’s Factotum. If you’ve read a Bukowski book before you’ll know what to expect and if you haven’t you’ll likely wonder what that was all about when you read the closing credits. The film wanders lazily along, much like the books, to no real conclusion and no particular reason for us to like the protagonist.

Still, if fiction of the beat era has ever been of interest then it’s uplifting to see an enjoyable adaptation brought to the screen.