800 Bullets

800 Bullets.

Another one from the Fopp haul a few weeks ago, this is a Spanish film directed by Alex de la Iglesias, the same director of The Baby’s Room which terrified me at Dead By Dawn a couple of years ago. To my shame I haven’t watched any more of his films before now but given that I’ve liked 100% of what I’ve seen so far I really should rectify that.

The director’s Q&A session was a thing of beauty. There were maybe two Qs and certainly less As. Instead of plucked some poor girl from the audience to translate as he didn’t feel his English was up to the task and then proceeded to rant in the funniest possible way about his film and life in general. Why did we like this film? It was a piece of shit made for TV with no budget. The story was inspired by his own family who he wants to cuddle and slaughter in the same heartbeat. It went on like that for a while. We had tears rolling down our faces.

800 Bullets is a film I’m finding it very difficult to find any fault with at all. Sure, if you don’t like westerns then perhaps this won’t appeal but it doesn’t require any more than a passing familiarity with the genre to understand the story. You know that a large number of westerns were filmed in southern Spain? That’s all you need to know.

The storyline is genuinely warming and all the cast give it their all. Even the lead child actor is as far from annoying as it’s possible for a child actor to be. I laughed out loud many times and was moved by the finale. It’s inspired me to track down more westerns (I think I mentioned that a while back) and to learn more about the people and places that crop up time and again in the genre.

Highly recommended – 10/10.