In glorious 2D

Friday night was meant to be a movie extravaganza. We were off to see the remake of My Bloody Valentine in glorous three dimensions. Gore would fly from the screen, terror would be had (?) and the future of cinema heralded. It would have been if the local Odeon was actually showing it in 3-D and not just the bog standard 2-D version. Sadly, we only found this out after purchasing tickets and weren’t about to try and find alternate entertainment.

With a lot of horror films, they dance on a very thin line between a waste of time and fun. It can sometimes be down to a single performance or scene which tips it into the latter category. MBV sits defiantly on the line with its toes hanging over, daring itself to jump. There are moments which almost elevate it to being a decent film (in the context of what it is) but there’s never a defining moment when you think “wahey! Now we’re getting somewhere!”.

It’s played very straight throughout which is preferable to parody but the acting isn’t good enough to pull it off. Watching two teen soap idols trying to bring gravitas to the screen is funny in its own way, but not enough to save the film. The other direction that might have saved it would have been a more knowing script. With an “I’m two days from retirement” or a few other choice one liners the humour might have helped save it but, as it stands, we’re left with a slightly above average modern slasher flick.

Some time this week I should be able to watch backed up slasher flicks on my new Popcorn Hour media centre. After spending a while searching round shops, finding the best deals, comparing shipping times, etc. etc. etc. I decided to narrow it down to stores that have it in stock and don’t charge the Earth to get it to me. Although I could have got it a bit cheaper, I didn’t want to wait for stock to arrive, find out that not enough arrived for allocated orders and end up waiting a month to get my kit. Not for less than the price of a 360 game, anyway.