Running out the kinks

Just back from a much needed run. Monday and Tuesday had been no-gos this week due to ice on the pavements and last night I was in Edinburgh for Adam’s birthday so couldn’t get out. I was itching to do a few km as it helps me get my head in shape, which is something it wasn’t by Wednesday morning. Making the transition back to getting up at 6:15 after almost two weeks of holiday was always going to take its toll.

I probably shouldn’t have stayed until last train last night. I’d made up my mind that I was going to kip on the sofa and that I should probably leave for the 2150 so that I could get some sleep. Unfortunately, we ate late and so I only noticed the time at exactly 2150. By that point I was already shattered and wanting to be home. I was getting ratty and so just kept my mouth shut for the next hour or so as I didn’t trust myself to speak. I think I got away with it.

Anyway, Adam enjoyed himself which was the main thing and the lasagna he made was first class. Unfortunately, I washed it down with two bottles of beer which makes a mockery of my perpetual plan to curb my drinking. It’s not that I want to be tee total, I just believe that if I never wake up with even the slightest trace of hangover ever again I’ll be better for it. Maybe I should alter it to a limited amount. Two drinks a month. That would allow me a night out and these days that’s pretty much my limit for not feeling it the next day. There are three weeks left in the month for me to break that idea.

The run helped with my angry frustrations from last night. It allows me to switch off and run while I process a great many thoughts at the back of my mind. I pretty much know that by the time I get to daydreaming I’ve run for long enough to at least clear the slate. By the time I hit public park on the way home I was daydreaming about starting a walk from Arkhangelsk which would become a 150 mile round trip with the halfway point being a 3000m peak. I have no idea how or why I got onto that, but all the other thoughts had faded away.