Che, Wall-E and others

Went into Embra today to see the new Steven Soderbergh film Che : Part 1, part 2 not being out until next month. It’s certainly a film of some scale (check the cast list) and one that lived up to my expectations.

I know very little about Guevara or Cuba in general (I’ve seen The Motorcycle Diaries) and that’s about it but the film was still easy to follow despite there being little to no exposition. The only niggle I have was that I felt the film would have benefited from having no soundtrack to give it a more documentary feel and not to lead the audience’s emotions. A minor niggle indeed though, as what soundtrack there is is very subtle.

After that we headed back to Scott’s and learned that the new Doctor will be someone I’ve never heard of which I was glad of since none of the names being touted filled me with joy. Then we watched Wall-E on the shiny new telly that was bought earlier in the week. Note to self – make more of an effort to see Pixar movies on the big screen where they belong.

Definitely a movie day as I wandered into Fopp and then wandered out with five DVDs. I did better than usual though as I haven’t seen of these ones, a perennial problem when I buy films. Today’s haul was 800 Bullets, Das Experiment, Cold Prey, The King and Bus 174. Not watching any tonight though as I’m all screened out, there are books calling my name.