Other notables

So I haven’t written about music of the year as much as I thought and now I’m away from the pile of CDs so can’t gaze at it for inspiration. There are, however, two bands that stand out from my year of listening so I’ll spraff about them.

Guano Apes

I had never heard of the Guano Apes before this year but Pyro stuck a couple of tracks on my mp3 player when he was up for the Edinburgh Rat Race and they instantly became entrenched in my regular listening. Shame they’re not still around anymore but Sandra Nasic’s solo album is pretty good and the other members have a new band which I’ve been meaning to check out, once I negotiate amazon.de. I’ll be doing more of that in 2009 anyway to buy up spaghetti western DVDs from Koch Media.

But I digress.


Yes, the Teenage Dirtbag band. They’re great, shut up. Despite being a fan of the first album (and seeing them when they toured for it in 2002) I’d never bought any of their other stuff. I noticed they were on emusic so grabbed the remaining albums and indulged in the guilty pleasure of pop songs with swearing. Not only did I discover two new albums of theirs but I saw the band live as well. When I say “band”, I mean Brendan and a backing singer doing an acoustic tour. It was bloody brilliant. They came out, did one song, brought the house lights up a bit and then played requests for the next ninety minutes or so. I requested, and got, BMX Bandits and would have requested Anyway as well but couldn’t remember the title at the time. Epic fail.

Related to my listening habits of 2008 is my discovery of podcasts. Of course I’ve known about them for a long time but never really got into the habit of listening, but I’ve swallowed my disgust at the Apple-centric name and got stuck in. This all stemmed from Phill and Phil’s Perfect Ten which started in the autumn. From there I’ve gone on to Collings and Herrin, The Bugle, This American Life and Weasel Radio. All of these have long back catalogues that I’m slowly working my way through and they make perfect commute material if I’m not in the mood for reading.

TLA in particular deserves a post all to itself once I’ve discovered a few more episodes of note in their ten year back catalogue.