It’s taken a few years

My Dad and I have always swapped books back and forth with each other. There’s rarely a visit that goes by without us exchanging books and DVDs that we think the other will enjoy and, most of the time, we’re pretty much on the money.

Until recently I’ve never given my Dad a comic book. I’ve been reading comics as far back as I can remember but it’s never been a hobby that I’ve shared with any member of my family, something which I’ve found occasionally frustrating as I see comics as just another medium. Why avoid reading a story in one medium that you’d happily read in another? Whatever the reasons, I’d always held off giving Dad a comic until I could find one that I knew he would dedicate some time to.

Step forward Queen & Country. A modern British spy series with no gadgets, no superheroes and believable storylines. I past him the book a few weeks ago and he said he’d give it a shot.

The other night, while on the phone, I asked if he’d had a chance to read it yet and he enthused about it at length! I was so happy to hear that not only had he read it, he was wanting more! I’ll need to pick up volume 2 now, but I think I’ll also try out DMZ on him. I can’t see Dad browsing with 3 for 2 graphic novels in Waterstones just yet, but I’m working up a list of books he might like.