Everywhere you go…

Well it looks like that competitors in the OMM had some fun last night. It was strange reading about the situation on the BBC website where it was portrayed as being mass hysteria with 1700 people “unaccounted for”. What’s become clear afterwards is that reporting was of a pretty low standard and that nowhere near that many people were being looked for. Nor is the race a charity event and that the loudest negative voice seems to be the manager of a tourist attraction. To give the bloke his due, he opened the doors and sheltered people.

As Shane Ohly pointed out in a radio piece, all the competitors are equipped for severe conditions and know what they’re doing. Even if someone was attempting their first mountain marathon there are so many competitors, and racers are nothing if not helpful to others, that I doubt they would have been left to fend for themselves.

Looking at the videos it’s smiles all round. I texted a few people I thought were running to make sure they were okay and got a cheery reply from Gary T. saying that he and Nick had had a good run.

Learning to drive was always going to be a route into more competitions and outdoor events for me. Now that I’ve passed my test I fully intend to train over the winter and enter events. Mountain Marathons are something I definitely want to experience and this has done nothing but make me more excited about trying one. Just think of all the lovely new gear I’ll have to buy!

I say; Bring It OMM! Erm, On!

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James TurnbullOctober 26th, 2008 at 8:23 pm

The radio did give me the impression that thousands of innocent folk were abandoned, presumed dead. No mention that they were all suitably equipped for severe conditions.