At The Races

I’ve had a couple of racing events recently and there’s at least one on the horizon.

The Dirty Weekend was a couple of weeks ago so a quick recap. Helped out with the start of the Ace Race on the Saturday morning then jumped on a bike to put out a few caution signs for the Dirty Dozen. Headed back to camp, got changed, ran the dirty dozen in 1:06* then went back to marshalling. I spend a happy hour or so on the banks of the Tweed coming up to midnight. Directed kayakers out the water and up the hill. Somewhat surreal.

Got no sleep, staggered about a bit on Sunday morning and then headed off with the rope techs to help out at the tyrolean stage for the Ace Race. Came back, packed up, went home. I think I was probably quite smelly on the bus.

Despite the weather I had a good weekend, bumped into Martin Little for what was probably not the first time, but at least we recognised each other this time!

Having three events running around the event village was quite confusing at times but I don’t think there were any major hiccups. The Dirty Dozen definitely felt like the Deer Stalker’s underage sibling. It was a fun run to do, but the obstacles and night time setting for the Deer Stalker is a lot better. I’d run the race again, but I’d rather be out doing the Ace Race or Polaris.

Next up; last weekend’s Rat Race and the upcoming Helensburgh half marathon.

*Not bad considering I’d done piss all training due to the back pains.