I did my first bona fide off-road biking session at the weekend. Sunday morning, after the barbecue of the night before, Marty, Becs, Cla(i)re, Jess, Mark, John and I set off from Carlops to play in the Pentlands.

The route covered some of the same ground as the Pentlands Wan Dae from last year so I waved to my checkpoint on the way past. Despite my fears of coming over the handlebars (as usual) I made it round the entire route happily without any moments of pain. I pushed the bike a couple of times, but only when I felt I had lost control to a dangerous degree. Next time I won’t be so nervous, I’m sure.

30km of off-roading was definitely good for the legs, and so was the speedy run I did on Monday night. Eight miles on 1:03 is a decent speed and should make for a new PB if I run like that in the half marathon on Sunday.

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CraigMay 14th, 2008 at 6:19 pm


That is some quick-assed running. We need to go out riding at some point. I’ve nearly finished my bike build (AFTER A YEAR) and can’t wait to get out on it.

rossMay 16th, 2008 at 11:05 pm

Even better, I managed to maintain the pace for the half marathon and posted a time of 1:43:38!