Keeping track

I’ve decided to try and keep track of how many films I watch, albums I listen to, etc. etc. this year. Should help with end of year lists in twelve months time. For starters, the films I’ve watched so far this year –

I Am Legend – I enjoyed this a lot. Not sure about the ending but the scenes of a deserted, decaying New York were very good indeed. With a bit more damage and some people, we might see the same thing in a DMZ) film, but that’s just wishful thinking.

Atonement – Not my usual style of film at all and, yes, I was drawn to it for the obvious reason rather than Oscar nominations. However, it was a lot more entertaining that I expected with great use of sound.

This Film is Not Yet Rated – Hilarious documentary about the waste of space that is the MPAA. I may dislike the BBFC a lot of the time but they’re not as bad as the US counterpart.

A Dragonfly For Each Corpse – Another Paul Naschy giallo. It was passable but not as impressive as Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll .

Invaders of the Lost Gold – Crap. Apart from some midly amusing dubbing I lost interest within twenty minutes and spent more time poking around on facebook than watching the film.

So Young, So Lovely, So Vicious – There’s a lot of style on offer with this strange thriller but not a lot of substance. I didn’t buy into the motivation of the characters and the sudden ending left me thinking is that it?

A Fisful of Fingers – Edgar Wright’s first movie. Rough around the edges and slow to start, but once he settles into a more quick-fire approach to the comedy it moves along well. Worth tracking down to see where it all started.

The Lookout – Well done character piece. Enjoyed it more than The Interpreter from the same writer, but that might be more to do with Nicole Kidman’s accent than anything else.

I think that’s it so far. Not a bad list for only two weeks into the new year. Sitting around at the start of the year waiting to shake the cold helped I reckon.