Thrill Power

I’ve finally got caught up with 2000AD. Some time early this year I just stopped reading it, I was still buying it every week (with only two missed issues) along with the monthly Megazine but for some reason they were all just sitting in a pile, unread.

Not any more. Over the last month or so I’ve had three big reading sessions and worked my way up to the present and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve discovered that I enjoy Sinister Dexter a lot these days, Nikolai Dante has had some great stories over the last year and the latest installment of Button Man has some of Frazer Irving’s  best work to date.

I keep thinking about starting to do weekly reviews of the prog again and perhaps this is the place to do it. Just whack in a new category and see if it’s still as much fun to do. It would certainly force me to read the issues more quickly than I have been.

Just got a year or so of unread Megazines to get through now.